News for 2013.
2013-12-07. Breakpoint's Robin of Coke has been  mated to Grimmendans Iano.
We hope for puppies in February.
Breakpoint's Spencer of Joy best male, CAC quality, BOB and Swedish Winner 2013.
Breakpoint's Robin of Coke CAC qaulity, 4th best female.

2013-11-10. Our litter plans for 2014.
2013-09-01. Breed Show in France.
NCh DKCh Breakpoint's Rubin of Coke 1st in Champion class.
Breakpoint's Okey of Joy 2nd in Open class.
Breakpoint's Sandy of Joy 1st in Junior class.
2013-06-30. Breakpoint's Unique of Nike, Breakpoint's Ultra of Nike
& Breakpoint's Umbra of Nike.
2013-06-12. Photos of Nike's puppies.
2013-06-03. Photos of Nike's puppies.
2013-06-01. Swedish Specialty Show, Stockholm, judge: Mr. Griol.
BIS 1 Breakpoint's Okey of Joy.
BIS 3 NCh DKCh Breakpoint's Rubin of Coke.
BIS 3 Junior S-JW-2012 Breakpoint's Spencer of Joy.
BIS 1 Puppy Chevy's Quixa.
2013-05-25. New photo of Breakpoint's Tarras of Joy.
2013-05-19. Photos of Nike's puppies.
2013-05-11. Breed Show Holland.
NCh DKCh Breakpoint's Rubin of Coke 1st in fokkerklass.
Breakpoint's Okey of Joy 2nd in fokkerklass.
2013-05-09. Ivö, Breed Show.
Chevy's Quixa BOS puppy.
NCh DKCh Breakpoint's Rubin of Coke 2nd best male.
BOB Champion & 3rd BIS Champion.
Breakpoint's Okey of Joy Best female, BOS.
BOB open class & BIS open class.
2013-05-04. 3 lovely males for sale.
2013-05-01. Nike's puppies are born,
1 male, 1 female and 1 female terv.
2013-04-27. Results from dogshow in Norway.
Breakpoint's Okey of Joy CAC, best female & BOB.
2013-04-21. Puppies still available after Ughor van Moned and Breakpoint´s Joy.
Looking very promising and lovely character :-)
New photos of the puppies.
2013-04-14. The T-litter have got their names.

Breakpoint's Tarras of Joy.

Breakpoint's Tim of Joy.

Breakpoint's Tristan of Joy.

Breakpoint's Trust of Joy.

Breakpoint's Tychenaii of Joy.

Breakpoint's Tara of Joy.

Breakpoint's Tosca of Joy.


Breakpoint's Okey of Joy have done the mentaltest with no reaction to shooting.

2013-03-26. Photos of the puppies, 20 days old.
New photos of Chevy's Quixa.
2013-03-06. The puppies are born from our first cross-breeding between
pE SE Ughor van Moned and NCh DKCh Breakpoint's Joy of Okey.
5 males and 2 females, all black.
New photos of Breakpoint Mistral of Coke.
2013-02-28. Mating between Int. Ch Grimmendans Fourlan and
DKCh NCH Breakpoint's Nike of Ella.
Our new terv. female Chevy's Quixa
New photo of Breakpoint's Sandy of Joy.
NCh Breakpoint's Nike of Ella Groenendael of the Year 2012.
NCh DKCh Breakpoint's Rubin of Coke Tervueren of the Year 2012.
Breakpoint's Spencer of Joy Swedish Junior Winner 2012.
The page Litter plans is updated.
Mating between pE, SE, Ughor van Moned (terv.) and
DK NCh Breakpoint's Joy of Okey (groen.)


Happy New Year !
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