TJH  LP 1  LP II  Swedish Champion

Breakpoint's Jolie of Okey.


Other results.

Obedience of the Year 2008 Class II,  2nd.


2008-08-24. Obedience class II in Järvsö 1st.


2008-07-25. Obedience class II in Sveg.

174.5 points, first prize and 2nd.


2008-06-15. Obedience class II in Sveg

170.5 points and 1st ptize.


2008-01-26 Obedience class I.

166 points. No 1 out of 17 entries.


2007-12-08. Obedience class I

170.5 points 1st prize and no 6.


2007-29-09. Higher class tracking

343.75 points, no 8.


2007-09-15. Obedience class I

174 points, 1st prize, no 1.


Show results.

2009-12-12. Stora Stockholm. Judge: Nicola Imbimbo.

CAC quality, best female, BOB.


2009-07-04. Snadviken, judge: Sonny Ström.

CAC quality, best female, BOS and 2nd Best in Show (working)


2009-05-03. Timrå BK, Judge: Fredrik Nordgren

Best female, BOS, 4th Best in Show (working)


2009-05-02. Härnösand BK, Judge: Cristian Stavarache.

Best female, BOS & 2nd Best in Show (working)


2009-02-21.BOB and 4th Best in Show, 4th Best in Show working-class.


No 7 for the Groenendael of the Year 2008.


2008-09-21. Ljusdals BHK: BOB, 3rd Best in Show (working...) & res. Best in Show.


2008-06-07. Gavle BHK. Judge: Robert Bamach.. best female & BOS.


2008-05-25. Exc, best female, CAC, BOB & Swedish Champion !!!


2008-05-24. Exc, best female, CAC & BOS.


2007-12-15. Nordic Winner 2007 in Sweden.

Judge: Gert Christensen, Exc, 1st in working class, CAC, 5th best female.


2007-09-16. Ljusdal.

Exc. CAC quality, best female, BOB & 2nd  BEST IN SHOW !!!


2007-09-15. Östra Härjedalens BHK.

Exc. CAC quality, best female, BOB & 4th  BEST IN SHOW !!!


2007-08-26. Gagnef-Floda BK  Judge:....

CAC quality, best female & BOB.


2007-07-15. Häkk  Judge: Joanna Sewell

CAC quality, best female, BOB, & 5th  BEST IN GROUP !!!


2007-05-19. Gävle BHK. Judge: Christian Stavarache.

CAC quality, best female & BOS.


2007-05-12.Österbybruk. Judge: Gerardo Paolucci

CAC quality, 3rd best female with re.CACIB.


2007-05-05. Timrå BHK. Judge: Yvonne Brink

CAC quality, best female, BOB & 3rd  BEST IN SHOW !!!


2006-09-16. Sveg: BOB & third Best in Show Junior.


2006-09-17. Ljusdal: BOB.

Joy and Jolie